Our Honor

Our Honor: 

1.National certification of New Hi-Tech Enterprises 

2.Provisions of Guangdong Province for Recognizing and Administering Famous Trademarks 

3.Shenzhen certification of New Hi-Tech Enterprises 

4.Shenzhen Well-known Brand 

5.Top 100 in China electronics component industry on the 27th 

6.Top 100 In China electronics component industry on the 28th

7.China power Supply Society direct unit 

8.Shenzhen light emitting diode industry association membership 

9.China electronics component association excellent industry for 2015 

10."peng da gold cup" the sixth greater China electronic transformer inductance power adapter industry 

        annual selection - 2014-2015 annual top 20 electronic transformer industry outstanding supplier.

11.Canon CP Certificate 

12.SONY CP Certificate 

13.SONY Security Certificate  

14.Honeywell Outstanding supplier 

15.Flextronics Outstanding Supplier in 2009 

16.Bloom Outstanding Supplier in 2012 

17.ABB Outstanding Supplier in 2012 

18.HUAWEI Key Supplier in 2013 

19.Schneider Outstanding Supplier in 2013 

20.Felex power Outstanding Supplier in 2009 

21.Guangdong Industrial Cooperation Association National Brand of Guangdong Province in 2013 

22.Shenzhen Famous Brand Evaluation Committee Shenzhen Famous Brand in 2015 

23.Huawei Supply Guarantee Award in 2016 

24.Shenzhen Longhua District Honor for Helping the Disabled and the Poor  

25.Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission High-tech Enterprise Certificate in 2017 

26.Beautiful Enterprise Company Limited Outstanding suppliers in 2017 

27.46th of China Top 100 Electronic component enterprises in 2018 

28.Sungrow Technology Innovation Award in 2018 

29.Szincrease technology Innovation Award in 2018 

30.SMA technology Innovation Award in 2018 

31.Enterprise Credit Evaluation of China Electronic component Industry Association AAA Credit Enterprises

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