Conflict Minerals

   SHEN ZHEN JINGQUANHUA ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.  has known that his commercial activities may effect society, environment and customer, to be liable for business and social responsibility, we company hereby declare and assure that:

    1)the components or materials supplied shall not contain the “Conflict Minerals” that comes from Congo Democratic Republic and other regions controlled by military. The “Conflict Minerals” including but not limited to Sn, W, Iron Mine and Gold, etc. especially the raw materials of Au, Ta, Sn and W.

    2)at customer’s request, we company shall complete and return the Investigation Form for Restricted Use of "Conflict Minerals ". we also assures the contents shall be real and accurate.

    3)We will take positive action to avoid breach of this commitment and to bring economic and reputation losses to customer.

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